The 2020-09-19

The specific operation process and detailed steps of disposable tracheal intubation

The specific operation process and detailed steps of disposable tracheal intubation
The 2020-09-15

The development trend of disposable urinary catheters in 2020

The research report on the trend of disposable urinary catheter industry is based on the investigation and analysis of many factors affecting the market operation of the disposable urinary catheter industry. The future development trend characteristics, market capacity, competition trends, and segmented downstream market demand trends of the urinary catheter industry are forecasted.
Types 2020-09-10

Types and selection of disposable tracheal intubation

Types and selection of disposable tracheal intubation Endotracheal Tube (Tracheal tube) refers to the technique of inserting a special endotracheal tube into the trachea through the glottis, called tracheal intubation. This technology can provide conditions for unobstructed airway, ventilation and oxygen supply, airway suction and prevention of aspiration.
How 2020-09-07

How to use disposable tracheal intubation—recommendation

How to use—recommendation The current insertion and removal of tubes should be in accordance with the currently accepted medical technology. The clinical professional selects the appropriate endotracheal tube for each patient.
What 2020-09-25

What are the purposes of disposable endotracheal intubation?

What are the purposes of disposable endotracheal intubation? ⑴ Prevent and relieve respiratory obstruction, and ensure the smooth flow of the respiratory tract. (2) For patients who are unconscious, especially unconscious patients, it can prevent the accidental inhalation of vomit and oral and nasal secretions into the lungs. ⑶ Facilitate the suction and removal of respiratory secretions. ⑷ Provide a closed channel for mechanical ventilation.
Precautions 2020-09-25

Precautions for disposable tracheal intubation

Precautions for disposable tracheal intubation 1. The intubation operation must be gentle. Choose the size of the catheter so that it can easily pass through the glottis. If it is too thick or violently inserted, it may cause damage to the larynx and trachea. Too detailed is not conducive to breathing. 2. After the tip of the catheter passes through the glottis, go further 5-6cm, so that the cuff completely crosses the glottis, and do not enter the bronchus or esophagus by mistake. 3. The cuff is inflated to just close the gap between the catheter and the tracheal wall. Do not blindly inject a large amount of air to cause ischemic necrosis of the tracheal wall. 4. After placing the surgical position, try endotracheal suction and check whether the catheter is unobstructed.
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What is the role of a disposable oxygen tube?

In the hospital, patients who can't breathe on their own will use oxygen tubes. So what is the role of oxygen tubes? Below, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to the functions of the disposable sterile oxygen inhalation tube. I hope to help you. A disposable sterile oxygen tube is indispensable in the hospital. The sterile oxygen tube is suitable for patients and some normal people. It can be used in hospital emergency or family beds. Toxic, soft, transparent medical pvc material, disposable oxygen tube is disposable, so sterile, also has the characteristics of clean, easy to carry, durable, etc., disposable sterile oxygen tube is a new type of medical equipment common The oxygen inhalation appliance is simple in structure, easy to install, and low in cost. It is hygienic when using a disposable oxygen inhalation tube. The oxygen inhalation tube is composed of a nostril plug and a two-way long tube. The nostril plug is A kind of tube resembling a spherical shape. The other end is matched with a long tube. Be sure to place the disposable oxygen tube out of the reach of children. This kind of oxygen tube is very long to prevent children from swallowing it. Dangerous, regular oxygen inhalation is good for your health and is very helpful for your body. It can prevent chest tightness, shortness of breath and other symptoms. It is very suitable for elderly people.
Can 2020-08-11

Can disposable medical devices be recycled and reused?

Stryker, a major American medical device company, announced on November 30th that it will invest US$525 million to acquire a company called Ascent Healthcare Solutions climbing health care solutions. This inconspicuous company specializes in helping hospitals recycle medical devices for single use. In recent years, business has been very prosperous. Makes large medical device companies quite jealous.

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